Only £800.00

This Includes:
Pre-Wedding Consultation
2 Photographers with a minimum of 4 cameras
Photographing the Bride and Groom’s preparation
Departure from home and arrival at Church or Registry office
The service
Family and friends group shots
Leaving the Church or registry office

All images on a CD for you to print. I can offer prints, wedding books and canvasses too but these are at an additional cost.

Additional services

Attendance at the reception for approx. one hour for speeches
The above fee and Add £100.00

Attendance up to the first dance
...Add another £100.00

Attendance for the entire reception
...Add another £100.00

So the entire day including the reception will be £1100.00

If you wish to hire our 1956 Oldsmobile then do please go to the car hire page. We have a range of Classic Automobiles available for hire

The cars are always changing, so please call for availability details